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Air Force General Demands Preparation for War with China

If the conflict in Ukraine does not end in nuclear madness, Taiwan just might.

That very well may be the unintended result if Gen. Mike Minihan, the head of the USG Air Force’s Air Mobility Command, has his way.

Minihan “has issued an ominous warning about a looming future high-end conflict against China, likely over Taiwan,” writes Joseph Trevithick for The War Zone. Minihan wants to get the USG war machine ready for what he describes as an inevitable conflict.

Minihan’s remarks are part of a two-page internal memo posted on Twitter on January 27.

Zachary Boyer, a spokesperson for Air Mobility Command (AMC), confirmed to The War Zone that this document, which is future-dated February 1, is indeed authentic. AMC oversees the bulk of the Air Force’s aerial refueling tankers and cargo aircraft, among other responsibilities.

Minihan said he hopes “I am wrong” about China and Taiwan.

“My gut tells me we will fight in 2025. [Chinese President] Xi [Jinping] secured his third term and set his war council in October 2022,” Minihan wrote in the memo. “Taiwan’s presidential elections are in 2024 and will offer Xi a reason. [The] United States’ presidential elections are in 2024 and will offer Xi a distracted America. Xi’s team, reason, and opportunity are all aligned for 2025.”

According to the General, there is no time to dilly-dally. The USG and its war machine must get up to speed if it is going to stop a PLA amphibious assault on Taiwan. “Drive readiness, integration, and agility for ourselves and the Joint Force to deter, and if required, defeat China.” (Emphasis in the original).

In 2022, the corporate war propaganda media posted warnings about an imminent invasion of Taiwan.

Foreign Affairs, a publication of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, ran a disturbing headline last August, “America Must Prepare for a War Over Taiwan.” Around the same time, as if on cue, The Wall Street Journal posted “The Coming War Over Taiwan.” In April of the same year, The Economist ran “How to deter China from attacking Taiwan,” and suggested Taiwan could learn a lesson or two from Ukraine as if the corrupt and nazified Zelenskyy regime is winning the war.

All of this is vicious nonsense. China is not actively planning to invade Taiwan.

“The US is running out of time to prevent a cataclysmic war in the Western Pacific,” write Hal Brands and Michael Beckley of The War Street Journal. “While the world has been focused on Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine, Xi Jinping appears to be preparing for an even more consequential onslaught against Taiwan.”

All of this chatter is designed to get you prepared for yet another conflict with a thermonuclear dimension.

Biden, his neocons, neolib advisers, generals, pundits, and a warmongering Congress—where there are less than a handful of senators and representatives opposing this metastasic insanity—are wrong about a Chinese invasion.

China realizes an amphibious assault on Taiwan is a recipe for disaster. First, Taiwan possesses weapons systems and technology to effectively defeat an amphibious assault.

“But, second, a determined attack preceded by missile and bomber attacks could destroy Taiwan’s social and physical infrastructure, along with the world’s largest chip production facilities at TSMC. Who would pay for reconstruction? And would it be worth the price?” Harlan Ullman pondered at The Hill last August. The author is a senior adviser at the globalist Atlantic Council.

Ullman wonders why the Taiwanese have not pursued a defensive “porcupine strategy.”

“This strategy relies on heavy investment in defensive capabilities such as anti-air, anti-ship and anti-tank munitions in order to inflict maximum damage on the attacking force,” Daniel Bloom explains.

The Taiwanese have not resorted to such a defense because they do not believe China will invade. The leadership realizes a Normandy-style invasion is all but impossible and would result in catastrophe for China. It would require over 200,000 troops, and they would need to traverse a hundred miles of open ocean to reach the beachheads.

“Unlike Ukraine’s steppe-like fertile plains and plateaus, Taiwan consists of over 100 islands. Taiwan’s outer islands are dotted with missiles, rockets, and artillery guns. In addition, Taiwan’s granite hills are home to tunnels and bunker systems,” notes Hemant Adlakha, a professor of Chinese at New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University.

The European Union is China’s major trading partner. Running afoul of it, as well as the United States and Japan, would be dangerous for a leader who knows he must raise living standards at home.

A military effort to grab Taiwan would deal a death blow to the Chinese economy. China is in the middle of a real estate crisis. Its export markets are disappearing in America and Europe. General Secretary Xi Jinping understands war is a stupid move now that China’s economic growth has slowed. It would be a stupid move even if the economy was in good shape.

Finally, according to Professor Deng Yuwen, a council member of China’s Reform and Development Institute, China is not interested in a costly invasion.

“China will choose to put pressure on Taiwan using a combination of methods to promote unification… It may launch more preferential policies and try to initiate discussion on a ‘one country, two systems’ framework with Taiwan’s ruling and opposition parties.”

The USG, however, is not interested in reality.

It has but one objective—destroying competitors and retaining the crown of world leader, no matter the death toll. If this requires the mass murder of millions of people, so be it. The USG death machine is responsible for killing four million Muslims since 1990. Combine that total to an estimated 20-30 million people killed in the years after WWII.

“US military forces were directly responsible for about 10 to 15 million deaths during the Korean and Vietnam Wars and the two Iraq Wars,” writes James A. Lucas.

The United States was also responsible for 14 million deaths in Afghanistan, Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo, East Timor, Guatemala, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sudan… The United States most likely has been responsible since WWII for the deaths of between 20 and 30 million people in wars and conflicts scattered over the world.

The USG—and its ignorant, propagandized, and entertainment-distracted public—are driving the world toward a thermonuclear disaster. I believe we have turned a corner in world history.

It very well may be the final chapter.

Reprinted with permission from Kurt Nimmo on Geopolitics.
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