Thank You President Trump from the Forgotten Americans

Former President Trump visited East Palestine, Ohio, on Wednesday, Feb. 22, to demonstrate his support for the poor Americans suffering the fallout from a toxic train derailment. This visit came as Joe Biden trekked overseas collecting his points and bonuses from his global supporters. Trump brought the good people of this rural Ohio town hope and provided these victims of our crumbling infrastructure the attention they needed and deserved as citizens of this great nation.

They were victimized through no fault of their own on Feb. 3 when a Norfolk Southern Railroad freight train derailed and let loose a toxic spill into the surrounding areas. At first, there appeared to be a mainstream media-controlled blackout of this event. Somehow – by some miracle of the faith – news about the catastrophe in East Palestine broke through, traveling far and wide. Reports of dead livestock and the hard-to-miss black cloud of toxic fumes enveloping the area began to be reported by the media writ large. We thank God above and the hopes of our brothers and sisters of America for the constant push to bring this story out to the public.

As East Palestine was ignored and other distractions seemed to pop up daily to overshadow what was happening there, the federal response and utter incompetence were gradually exposed for all to see. As the local politicians tried to no avail to have their cries heard in Washington, it became news that the Biden globalist regime had decided to further ignore the area – and deny FEMA assistance. It was then that Mr. Trump saw this and made his announcement that what was happening in this small Ohio town was unacceptable and that he would be going to East Palestine to help in any way he could. His sheer decree prompted a scramble in Washington, and suddenly the decision to deny FEMA assistance was reversed.

Thank you, President Trump, for always looking out for the forgotten men and women of America. Amidst all the nonsense and noise that comes out of the Washington elite globalists, it is you, our former president, that came to the aid of this frightened and anxious community. You kept the promise you made the American people when you accepted the nomination of the Republican Party to run for President in 2016. You said that you would be the voice of the forgotten man and woman in America. You have more than lived up to that promise. Without your voice speaking on behalf of the residents of East Palestine and the surrounding area, it is likely they would have been ignored by the bureaucracy that has failed to represent them.

GettyImages-1247452204 Joe Biden

Joe Biden (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

The Biden globalist and establishment bureaucracy in Washington is beyond broken. It seems to serve no viable purpose for average Americans today. If the United States Government was to default on its debts and just pay the necessary bills, the average American would likely not even blink an eye. Most of the Big Government bureaucracy indebtedness is irrelevant to the regular American’s survival. Talk of ending Social Security and Medicare is another threat to keep Americans voting for incompetent leaders who can’t responsibly manage American tax dollars. They spend our money and keep asking for more without our informed consent and without showing us the respect we deserve. If the Federal Government had to exist on a budget, as we must, it would not know how to do it. How do we allow such incompetence to represent our best interests?

We should demand a balanced federal budget and accept nothing less. We should demand election integrity and accept nothing less. After all, aren’t We the People – who fund the government – entitled to have functional leadership at the helm? Of course, we are. If we don’t demand accountability, we reap the consequences of our own apathy. Thank you, President Trump, for continuing to shed light on the America First agenda we all envision as Americans; in the end, it will either save America or be worth dying for on the great hill that was once our American homeland!

By Liz Conti,

Norwalk, CT

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