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Time’s Up: Treasury Finally Agrees to Turn Over Hunter Biden Transaction Reports

For years, members of Congress have asked for access to suspicious activity reports (SARs) related to the Biden family’s foreign business deals. Those efforts were cut off by the Biden Administration and the Democratically controlled houses of Congress. Even after the GOP took over the House, however, the Treasury Department continued to refuse to turn over the SARs. While the GOP had to threaten hearings with Treasury officials, the department has finally relented. It now appears that time is up for Hunter Biden on the SARs fight and it could finally answer a number of questions over the alleged influence peddling of the Biden family. It may also put pressure on the Delaware US Attorney David Weiss, who is looking into possible criminal conduct by Hunter Biden.

previously wrote about how few people in Washington are eager to expose the influence peddling by the Biden family. Influence peddling is the cottage industry of Washington. However, even by the corrupt standards of this city, the Bidens took influence peddling to an unprecedented level in raking in millions from foreign interests, including some with alleged ties to foreign intelligence.

The least eager group to see these transactions may be the media, which not only buried the Hunter Biden story but has shown remarkable disinterest in these allegations. Indeed, this alleged influence peddling could not have occurred without the assurance that the media had the back of the Bidens. Imagine what the media would have done with even one of these deals with foreign political or influence figures if a Trump child was the recipient. The genius of the Biden influence peddling operation was to make the media an early and active participant. They became invested in the denial over two years of belittling or dismissing the story.

The SARs are relevant to the scope of the alleged influence peddling. It could also supply added evidence of possible criminal charges over tax crimes as well as unlawful work as a foreign agent. There are also possible allegations of evading financial rules, false statements, and even money laundering.

Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R., Ky) has objected that the Biden Administration changed rules governing access to these reports that stood for more than 20 years. Comer has also subpoenaed Bank of America for financial records of three of Hunter Biden’s business associates. That effort was also opposed by Democratic members. these inquiries will cover 14 years of deals and transactions.

Comer this morning revealed that the first SARs report shows money going from China to “three” Biden family members including one not previously discussed as a recipient of such money.

It is not clear what these SARs will reveal, but the effort to prevent any congressional investigation is striking. This investigation goes to an alleged corrupt effort to sell influence. Many Democrats and legal experts have objected that influence peddling is not a crime. However, it is corrupt and squarely within the oversight authority of Congress. Indeed, if it is not a matter for criminal charges, such congressional action may be the only way to force accountability for corrupt efforts to sell influence and access.

We will now have access to hard data on the dates, amounts, senders, and recipients of money transfers. That will reduce the speculation over the alleged influence peddling efforts and allow for a fuller understanding of what occurred in the Biden family business.

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